We were thrilled with the shoot that CPL did to tie in with the launch of Inspire magazine. The team produced a slick, vibrant and informative video, and we’ve been able to share it with thousands of people. Well done!

Peter Rowbottom
Head of Fundraising, Arthritis Care

Video production service

Providing video content offers us the opportunity to further improve the digital magazines, websites, apps and e-newsletters we produce on behalf of our clients.

Britain has become a nation of online video addicts; 2013 data from comScore shows that 80% of online Britons – and almost 47m Britons now have internet access – watch video online. On an average day, more than 17m Britons will watch at least one online video. In the constant competition for members and readers’ attention and time, adding video to your armoury can give you the edge. A well-made video has the power to grab attention and impress where the written word sometimes might not.

Our video editing and production team can put together a range of content, including packages linked to features that appear in client magazines, standalone items that clients can use to promote their products and services, and special films that bring alive events such as awards ceremonies, exhibitions and seminars. Existing clients benefit from our knowledge of their communications priorities, ensuring the videos are targeted and produced in a cost and time-effective way.

See some examples below and contact Mike Sewell if you are interested in finding out more.

Sector: Charity
The Batemans Trust is a charity supported by CPL which raises money for underprivileged children in southern India. This short film was put together to promote the work done by the Trust and combines digital graphics created by our design department with footage supplied by the charity.

Sector: Communications
This short film about The Source, a communications platform run by CPL for the global brewers SABMiller PLC, was created to showcase the project for the 2014 IVCA Awards. Originally produced for the brewer’s top 700 leaders, The Source was recently extended and now reaches over 5000 employees.

Sector: Corporate/Documentary
Produced by CPL for The Overbury Stud, this film uses animated typographic slides combined with video interviews and original race footage to tell the story behind an award-winning stallion.

Sector: Charity
Arthritis Care, the leading patient-driven charity, commissioned CPL to film two videos with its president, the actress Jane Asher, as part of the launch of the charity’s new magazine Inspire, also produced by CPL. In this video, Jane helps an Inspire reader with arthritis to bake a celebration cake.

Sector: B2B/construction
The British Board of Agrement (BBA) is the UK’s major authority offering approval and certification services to the contruction industry. It asked CPL to make a video about the services offered by the BBA, which include testing and evaluation of construction products in more than 200 sectors.

Sector: Membership
The Trading Standards Institute asked CPL to record its Year Ahead conference, which is hosted jointly by the Institute and the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.