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Care home workers urged to get vaccinated in latest compelling CPL campaign film

People working in care homes are the subject of the latest in a series of emotive films created by CPL to encourage everyone to ‘Stay safe, stay working, get the jabs’.

The new film features Anca Roman, from Buchan House Care Home in Cambridge, who says: ‘Our job is to keep our lovely residents safe and well. Our team has had the jabs so we can stay safe and stay working. Please join us and get the Covid-19 vaccination to stay working and to protect your friends and families.’ 

It’s the fourth in a series of films commissioned by Cambridgeshire County Council and the NHS, featuring prominent business leaders talking passionately about how the vaccine can help us all stay safe.

CPL developed the brand strategy for the campaign, including identifying suitable organisations that represented a range of sectors across Cambridgeshire. The central message of ‘Stay safe, stay working, get the jabs’ is further reinforced on social media channels and via posters displayed in workplaces and beyond.

The films have supported the overall vaccination drive by the council and the NHS. Richard Howitt, chairman of the council’s adults and health committee, says: ‘It’s especially important that people who work in care homes or in domiciliary care have their booster jab, as they look after the most vulnerable people in society, people who rely on them to take care of them.’

Louise Jones, regional director of Excelcare, which runs Buchan House, says: “Our team members have been amazing throughout the pandemic, and they have lived and worked through the extraordinary challenges of keeping the vulnerable people in our homes as safe as possible at all times.’

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