Coronavirus planning

CPL has been preparing for the coronavirus outbreak and has various contingency plans in place. Below is a letter sent to all clients by CPL managing director Mike Sewell this week. For any queries, please contact Laura Saunders, Mike Sewell or your main contact at CPL.

Dear All

This is a brief email to update you on CPL’s contingency plans regarding the coronavirus outbreak.

We have been reviewing and considering the impact this could have on our ability to carry out services on behalf of our clients and how any disruption can be managed. We are confident we have a robust contingency plan with systems and processes in place to allow our service to continue. 

Key points to note are:

  • We will follow government advice and guidance and remain vigilant.

  • If required, we have an employee policy and process for self-isolation and sickness.

  • We have contingency plans for members of the CPL team to work remotely if needed.

  • Most of our design, production and word processing software, CRM database, finance systems and file system is cloud-based, enabling team members to be able to work from home if required.

  • Our phone system is a VoIP system. Key individuals have an app to manage their own '01223' number to make and receive calls from anywhere. All other users lines will be diverted to key users and managers. 

  • We are liaising with our suppliers to understand how their service might be affected, and what if any implications that would have for our clients.

These are exceptional circumstances, and there might be some disruption to the normal services provided to you by CPL and our suppliers. For example, our turnaround times and speed of service may be slower than normal if our team members are all working from home. And in a worst-case scenario, if staff at one of our print or mail suppliers are forced to self-isolate, this may present considerable challenges.

If there are problems, we will look to be flexible in our approach to potential solutions, and your CPL contacts will aim to keep you informed and updated at all times. 

In the meantime, please pass this on to other colleagues if needed and if you have any questions at this stage, please don’t hesitate to call or email me or one of your other contacts at CPL.

Best wishes

Mike Sewell

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