CPL furthers support for educational charity in India

CPL will be sponsoring a disadvantaged child via The Batemans Trust in 2018, adding to the support we already offer our company charity.

Batemans gives educational and social support to around 70 disadvantaged children and young people in Chennai, south India. By providing safe accommodation, food, healthcare, education and vocational training, we empower them to change their lives and those of the people around them.

CPL already offers pro bono support to Batemans, by creating and designing its annual wish list, newsletters and other promotional material. This year, we have gone a step further by sponsoring one of the children the charity supports.

Managing director Mike Sewell explains why the charity is dear to his heart: ‘It’s simple really. The Batemans Trust changes lives.

‘Ever since 2006-2007, when I spent almost a year in Chennai with my family while my wife, Becky, volunteered as a teacher, the charity has played a major role in our lives, and we are both now trustees.

‘Over the years, we have seen hundreds of young people gaining employment, supporting their families and ending the cycle of poverty for future generations. Without this care, there’s every chance these children and their families would continue to live a life of hardship, with few prospects and little hope.

‘In recent years, two of our children have spent time volunteering at Batemans and it has been wonderful to hear them recount such positive stories about the great work our team is doing in Chennai.

‘Batemans needs to raise around £80,000 a year to continue its work – and every donation helps.’

Mike will be running the Brighton Marathon in April 2018 to raise money for Batemans. ‘People will definitely be hearing more about that as the date approaches,’ he says. ‘In fact, we have a virtual football team’s worth of CPL people taking part in running events next year, including the Cambridge Half Marathon and the London and Brighton Marathons.’

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