Inspiring new look for charity magazine

The new, refreshed issue of Inspire magazine is now live.

The spring 2020 issue is the first off the press since CPL’s design team gave it a refresh to better reflect new charity Versus Arthritis, the result of a merger between Arthritis Care and Arthritis Research.

Kevin Reed, design lead at CPL, explains. “Working alongside the brand team at Versus Arthritis, we helped to develop the magazine design, incorporating the charity’s bespoke font, Versus Arthritis Display, as the main headline font, switching between capitals and lower case depending on the weight of each feature.

“We also updated the colour palette to reflect the charity’s visual identity, and increased the point size of the body copy to help with visual impairment, as many people with arthritis have sight issues.”

The result is a brighter, bolder magazine that’s more closely aligned with the brand values behind Versus Arthritis.

Versus Arthritis managing editor Joanne Chapman is delighted with the results. “It looks great – I haven’t got a bad word to say about it,” she says. “CPL has been a delight to work with and you’ve really helped me – thank you!”

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