Keeping it simple with our new video and animation showreel

CPL’s Will Mott reflects on the rationale behind the creation of a new one-minute highlights film.

At CPL, we’re proud of the films we make and the results they deliver for clients. From long-form campaign content through to complex animations and GIFs, we want every video to inform, engage and make a difference. But putting together a highlight reel can be trickier than it sounds.  

The temptation is to throw everything in – after all, each project is unique and we’d love to go into detail about the challenges we met, our creative solution and the impact it had.  But in a short reel there simply isn’t time.

The other risk is that style prevails over substance – elaborate shots of CPL HQ might show off our lovely new kitchen facilities but they probably won’t tell a discerning audience much about our menu of video and photography options to match almost any budget.

Equally we didn’t want to overthink it. One of the great benefits of video and animation content is that it’s such a subjective medium and everyone has a valid opinion. So we wanted our updated reel simply to give a sense of the quality and range of the work we do across several different sectors.

Finally, when making an animation or short film, it’s important to remember that your viewers may only take away one or two key messages. In this case I hope that it’s: CPL creates and produces lots of fantastic video and animation content. As the person who leads the team responsible for this, I’m probably biased. But as I said, video is subjective after all.

Will Mott
is senior associate - video and client services
at CPL

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