Nail it with CPL

A new marketing campaign reinforces how potential clients can benefit from the broad range of skills and services offered by CPL’s in-house team.

Five different creative executions each depict CPL’s expertise in animation, design, editorial, video and websites.

The five executions will be promoted across social media and other channels over the coming weeks.

Developed by CPL’s strategic and creative team and designer Robyn McCurdy, the campaign is aimed particularly at potential clients in the Cambridge and East Anglia region.

“The CPL team creates content using a range of different skills and channels, but we sometimes find that existing and potential customers aren’t aware of them all,” said managing director Mike Sewell. “The purpose of this campaign is to celebrate the full range.

“For example, we have created animations in the past year that have helped dozens of clients communicate some often complex messages in a simple and effective way – and they have achieved some great results. The same goes for video, websites, design and editorial.

“We are confident many other organisations in the Cambridge and East Anglia area could benefit from the high-quality work we deliver. If you are one of them, please get in touch.”

See the full campaign here. 

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