Need equine content? Think CPL

From digital to print, and video to commercial, we have plenthy of pedigree in the equine field, as Helen Coston explains

We've seen substantial and tangible digital transformation in the equine industry in recent years. Owners, breeders, agents, trainers and racing fans want access to more detailed content and race/horse data faster than ever before.

Owning and breeding paperwork is now managed digitally, in ways that didn't happen in previous years. And for industry news, print publishing faces challenges when up against minute-to-minute news feeds and a constant flow of equine insight. 

With the flat racing season under way, with the Craven Meeting this week in Newmarket, we want to showcase our equine heritage and expertise.

At CPL, we live and breathe horses. For more than a decade, our creative and digital teams have created industry-leading projects for world-class equine clients, including, but not limited to:

There are multiple burgeoning opportunities for organisations and businesses to create and develop engaging, shareable digital content on a range of platforms, with the same creativity, flair and accuracy that is intrinsic to the equine industry. 

From the stance of proven success, we can help you to spread your message across the globe. Let our award-winning team get you across the winning line in prime position.

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Helen Coston
is senior associate - business development
at CPL

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