Storytelling through animation: “We need this penguin to come alive”

Briefs from clients come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes there are certain ones that make us smile and rush even faster to put on our creative hats.

One such brief came from FTSE 100 construction and property firm Kier Group plc, which asked us to showcase the artwork it had commissioned for the walls of its London office by bringing it to life for a wider internal audience.

It needed to be “accessible, relevant and engaging” – and great to share in team meetings, at company events and via internal email.

Our response was to produce a series of clever animations to reinforce the fact that Kier has delivered many landmark projects over the course of its history.

Built in 1934, the Penguin Pool at London Zoo proved to be an impressive feat of engineering, demonstrating the potential of reinforced concrete.

After working closely with Kier to agree scripts and storyboards, our in-house animator, Jon Sankey, created a series highlighting projects at venues including the iconic Penguin Pool at London Zoo, the Aberdeen Music Hall and the 2012 London Olympics site.

Richard Walters, commercial director at CPL, said: “We are really proud of the animations we created for Kier. They demonstrate the creativity, talent and versatility of our in-house team members, who also deliver a range of print material on behalf of Kier.”

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