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Digital marketing campaign to drive enquiries to Essex clinic


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The client

Bourn Hall is a family of fertility and IVF clinics across East Anglia. In 2018, the group’s newest clinic in Wickford, Essex, opened its doors. Offering a full range of fertility treatments, the clinic achieved a clinical pregnancy rate of more than 50% for women aged 37 and under in 2021. This is much higher than the latest national average for patients in this age group, 36%, published by the UK regulatory body (the HFEA).

The challenge

Although the Wickford clinic was delivering impressive results, the team at the site had the capacity to complete more procedures. The Cambridge clinic remained the flagship for Bourn Hall and the client was keen to increase the number of patients choosing the Wickford site. There is also tough competition in the Essex area, making it even harder to stand out in this market.

The solution

After taking a brief from our client during late 2021, CPL worked with Bourn Hall to create a standalone digital marketing campaign, aimed at increasing the number of enquiries and bookings for doctor consultations at Wickford.

Following extensive research, the CPL team pinpointed a key audience to target and selected appropriate digital channels to reach this market. 

The campaign creative was developed through the outcomes of the research. The team found that people in the target audience were extremely knowledgeable about the treatment they required and often highly informed about the process they would need to undergo. They all also had one thing in common: a desire to become pregnant. Previously, Bourn Hall campaigns had all focused on babies and children but this insight led the team in a new direction.  

Tapping into this desire, the creative focuses on pregnant women’s bumps, aiming to give an aspirational view of what Bourn Hall Wickford can help you achieve. It was also key to keep the campaign upbeat, fun and timely, showing that the process doesn’t need to take years and years. At the Wickford clinic, treatment can begin almost immediately and doesn’t need to be a daunting process. 

The highly targeted campaign launched in March 2022, using video and still imagery on the following channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google and Mumsnet.

The results


Online enquiry forms completed for Essex clinics in first 10 weeks since launch


Increase in the number of doctor consultations booked online for Essex clinics in first month


Fertility Health + Wellbeing checks booked online for Essex clinics since launch


Clicks through to the landing page from digital advertising

This campaign is a first for Bourn Hall and the CPL team have ensured that it has a very different look and feel from previous marketing activity, which has been exciting. Our team at Wickford have seen a marked increase in enquiries and interest since the campaign launched and we’re hoping and expecting to see a decent proportion of these transition into full treatments.

Richard Walters
Sales and marketing director

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