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The client

Established in 1903, Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is the world’s oldest international wildlife conservation organisation.

Its focus is on protecting biodiversity, which underpins healthy ecosystems and is critical for the life-support systems on which humans and all other species rely.

The charity’s mission is to conserve threatened species and ecosystems worldwide. FFI is involved in more than 140 conservation projects across 40 countries, supporting more than 320 partners, including governments, universities, businesses and local NGOs.

FFI is based in Cambridge and has Sir David Attenborough, a member since the late 1950s, as its vice-president.

The challenge

As a charity with an ambitious global agenda, FFI is keen to provide its supporters and major donors with something tangible in return for their subscription and donations and, more importantly, demonstrate that their money is being well spent.

In 2019, FFI was looking for a new approach to its annual members’ magazine in a bid to enhance its profile and reputation, broaden its sphere of influence, and strengthen and diversify income – critical success factors if it is to continue achieving maximum conservation impact in the field.

The new publication also had to appeal, with its look and feel, to younger members without alienating FFI’s traditional core support. And it needed to cement the charity’s reputation as a leader in its field among those already familiar with its work.

FFI also wanted the magazine, among a long list of requirements, to: maintain scientific credibility; be intelligent but accessible; positive but realistic; and to reflect its illustrious history, but not be stuck in the past.

The solution

After a series of meetings between CPL and the FFI team to nail down exactly what FFI hoped to achieve with its new publication, the decision was taken to present it in an updated, more flexible and dynamic, magazine format.

Following much deliberation and consultation, we agreed a new “&FFI” brand as the title of the magazine to underline the charity’s collaborative approach to conservation.

CPL and FFI have worked together during both 2019 and 2020 to create two bespoke, visually stunning magazines that feature articles on the charity’s work by FFI staff and other experts in the field.

The magazine’s elegant design allows for long and short reads and presents key facts in an interesting way – and these can then be repurposed for other channels.

Its highly readable articles are written to be equally accessible for a wider audience to allow the magazine to be used as a marketing tool for prospective donors.

&FFI is mailed out using a specially designed and environmentally friendly paper envelope that adds to the overall impact.

The results

Major donation

pledged by charitable foundation after reading 2019 issue


generated in spontaneous, unsolicited donations following launch of redesigned 2019 magazine, a sixfold increase on the previous year.

2019 success

led to CPL evolving the new look and style further for 2020 version

It has been a pleasure working with CPL on the redesign of FFI’s annual magazine. We particularly appreciated how responsive CPL was in taking on board feedback as the process evolved. The new design has given this flagship publication real vibrancy and enabled us to showcase our conservation work in a more accessible and visually appealing format. The first issue in 2019 was very favourably received by our members, and the 2020 version has taken the magazine to a new level, refining the look and feel even further.

Tim Knight, Communications specialist and editor
Fauna & Flora International

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