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The client

The Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association (TBA) champions the future of British thoroughbred horses. The TBA was established in 1917 and remains committed to being the voice of British breeding with government and on the international stage. 

As a charity, the TBA delivers training and education opportunities to ensure best practice on stud farms, carries out veterinary research to maintain highest health standards, and encourages diversity for a stronger, more resilient thoroughbred.

The challenge

To enhance its offering, the TBA developed a new educational hub, with the goal of increasing and enhancing knowledge within the thoroughbred breeding industry and encouraging more people to move into a career in the sector. 

The online platform was already in production, but the TBA needed a name and visual identity to create a brand and bring the hub to life.

The solution

Following a research and brainstorming process, in consultation with the TBA, CPL proposed  the name TB-Ed, short for Thoroughbred Education. We also introduced a strapline, ‘Building thoroughbred knowledge’, which was used in conjunction with the name.  

Once the hub was named, CPL put together full brand guidelines, detailing the visual identity of TB-Ed across all channels (both print and digital). 

These brand guidelines contained extensive information on how to implement every element of the brand as well as templates for the in-house team to use to maintain consistency. The templates include presentation slides, video slates, a bank of iconography and social media graphics for all channels.

(Scroll right and left via the arrows below to see some pages from the brand guidelines developed by CPL.)

The results

Memorable and modern

name for the platform 

Every aspect considered

in the brand guidelines 


set of templates including presentations, social media cards and iconography 

“Although we had a really good online platform for this initiative  we knew we needed a strong identity to help attract industry participants and also help them navigate the site and content easily. CPL did a great job in understanding our challenge, delivering a modern and memorable name for the hub, supported by a strapline and a clear brand identity that reinforced  TB-Ed’s purpose and values.”

Caroline Turnbull
Education and employment manager, TBA

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