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To design a dynamic annual journal that would evolve the current design while keeping in line with an established corporate identity.


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The client

The UK Chamber of Shipping is the trade association and voice of the UK shipping industry, with more than 200 members across the maritime sector.

The challenge

CPL was briefed to design and produce the UK Chamber of Shipping’s 2018 Journal, giving the publication a fresh new feel while keeping in line with its corporate identity.

The client wanted evolution, not a redesign – a continuing development that retained aspects of the Chamber’s identity. The aim was to continue to produce an annual review that members could be proud of, and ensure that the Journal would remain a dynamic read.

The solution

The annual report is the fifth in the current format, and features striking imagery together with clean, sharp fonts.

Kevin Reed, CPL design lead, led the creative thinking behind the publication.

‘It’s all about the evolution of an established identity,’ he explained. ‘Over the past five years, we’ve evolved the brand, using the same style but moving it on a bit each time.

Kevin took his inspiration from the UK Chamber of Shipping logo, using the ‘slashes’ and a duotone effect, which were overlaid on each spread. His aim was to create a dynamic graphic that ran through the publication to inject movement into each page.

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Equivalent UK tonnage represented by the UK Chamber

£30 million

Annual amount to be invested in UK seafarer training

Once again, we are extremely happy with the Journal. It looks great, the design is superb and you’ve done a great job. We’ve already had a few comments along the lines of “the best one yet”. Thanks for your hard work, I hope you’re as proud of it as we are.

Jonathan Roberts
Communications director, UK Chamber of Shipping

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