CPL’s commercial and media sales team is skilled at helping you generate revenues from your content. ​Annually, our team deliver £2.5 million of ​advertising and sponsorship for ​clients. We can sell advertisements into your magazine, on a website, or build multi-channel sponsorship packages for your awards campaigns and conferences. Partner webinars, branded content and online recruitment portals are just some of the commercial activities that we manage for our clients. We also carry out media planning and media buying for a number of clients.

The ways in which we work with clients vary enormously. One size certainly doesn’t fit all, and we are flexible and adaptable. We listen to what you need and to how your organisation, customers and stakeholders are evolving, then we help you plan, with revenue and results firmly in mind.

CPL’s commercial team is flexible in its approach. Every project we undertake is different: sometimes we work in partnership with our editorial and design teams on a full-service publishing contract, and, in other cases we're happy just to sell the adverts.


Advertising growth for a powerful membership brand
Developing a multichannel content strategy, to uplift engagement of a demanding professional audience