Video production

Filmed stories are a powerful way of attracting new audiences and engaging existing ones. They can boost your social media impact and play a part in your SEO strategy. CPL’s growing video production team will understand your requirements then deliver cost-effective films that do not compromise on creativity or impact. Often our content strategists and designers will get involved too, perhaps working on the storyboard; developing an ident; or making sure the visual effect of your video is in line with your other content marketing. 



We’ll think hard about the channels where your film will be viewed. For example, if it’s a 30-second film for social media, we’ll make sure it has subtitles so it can be viewed without sound; if it’s for an outdoor display, we’ll aim for maximum visual impact; and, if it’s an in-depth interview to complement editorial content, we’ll edit to ensure your messages are communicated clearly and authoritatively.


Creating a dedicated team to handle the global marketing of a prestigious, world-renowned brand
Developing a multichannel content strategy, to uplift engagement of a demanding professional audience