Can we help improve your podcasts?

Recording high-quality audio is easier than ever, says CPL's Will Mott. But turning it into an accessible and engaging package is harder. Which is where CPL's professional experts can help

With many of us likely to be working remotely for the foreseeable future, the need to keep communicating in a coherent and sensitive manner is more important than ever. 

As we all begin to tire of staring at a screen for most of the day, podcasts offer a powerful way to get a message across without having to spend yet more time in front of a computer. 

They are also an excellent platform to turn around constructive thought leadership at a time when the pace of change can seem so unsettling.

The good news is that recording quality audio has never been easier. 

But the challenge is to package the recording – quickly and expertly – into an accessible and engaging experience in which your audience will want to invest time, as well as share with their network. An engaging exchange is a great start, but turning that into a polished listening experience can be daunting.  

That’s where CPL can help.  

Over the past few weeks, we have worked with organisations to plan, publish and promote everything from a video call between colleagues to a set-piece roundtable recorded in a professional studio.  

We can help with the top-level strategy as well as the micro-level detail, including:

  • Planning questions and content

  • Intelligent editing

  • Guidance on interview technique

  • Recording intros and outros

  • Adding a music sting

  • Designing graphics with maximum impact

  • Creating teasers for social media.

By making the most of CPL’s professional standard but cost-effective services, you can ensure your podcast stands out and resonates in a crowded landscape.

Do get in touch if we can help with that journey. 

Will Mott
is senior associate - video and client services
at CPL

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