Carving the content turkey (don’t forget your leftovers)

With food always on his mind, Adam Driver uses a festive analogy to get across CPL’s attitude to making content work harder for you.

It’s that time of year. Christmas will be upon us before we know it (and Thanksgiving, for our American readers), so it’s an apt moment to revisit one of my favourite phrases to explain our content marketing approach.

Every year, on these special occasions, we gather friends and family together, putting on a massive meal. After we are stuffed from the feast, there is usually plenty of food left over. So, what we do with it? Turkey sandwiches, curries, pies, and soups for weeks on end. I love it. We also make bubble & squeak – Americans, give it a try, it’s delicious. Less repurposed, more smashed together.

Now, think of the ‘turkey’ as your major pieces of content – that important interview, the dreaded annual report, a major event or a new podcast series.

It’s our goal to make your content work harder for you.

Some examples

You could:

  • Turn your expensive five-minute conference review into content teasers, short promotions for social, and behind-the-scenes clips, overlaying some easy-to-read graphics with key quotes.
  • Your annual report. It’s a big effort getting this over the line; we all know the pains. Soften the blow by taking styled-up shots of the front cover and key pages, tagging people involved on social. Generate interest by teasing its release with some countdown graphics – not too many, maybe a few a week, and a day before. Thank the team(s) involved. Get them to become ambassadors, sharing teasers and driving interest.
  • New podcast? Get carving! Film some behind-the-scenes shots, or a 20-second interview with the speakers on a smartphone, and use as promotional assets. Shoot some candid reportage pics of people laughing, or take some audio or images and make your signposting come alive.

At CPL, we’re always thinking about content in this way – we all spend so much time and effort coming up with the ideas, fleshing them out, and collaborating to create something standout and interesting.

It’s our goal to make your content work harder for you.

Get in touch if we can help you with your content strategy. Or your leftovers.

Adam Driver
is senior associate - client services
at CPL

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