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Child’s play: New Godolphin brochure for kids

In early 2022, CPL’s Darley/Godolphin team was tasked with creating a new look for the Godolphin kids brochure.

It was to be user-friendly, appeal to students aged eight to 11 and serve as a fun accompaniment for youngsters visiting Godolphin sites.

An open brief from the client requested lots of new content and that any old copy was given a polish. For years the kids brochures had been added to and updated but now it was time for a sea change.

The team completely reimagined the book, starting from scratch to give it a new and coherent look and tone.

The editorial team created engaging, bite-sized content, accompanied by lots of illustrations, and the design team came up with a dramatic, modern new look. At the same time, the team extensively researched new materials and formats that would be both practical and engaging.

The book was physically smaller and incorporated an easy-break lanyard, enabling the kids to be hands-free (and safe) during their visits.

Penny Taylor, Godolphin’s UK Charities Manager, said: “Thank you to all the team for the thought, care and hard work that has gone into this project. I am delighted to report the feedback from the visits has been excellent and it has been wonderful to see our first school groups making excellent use of the new-stye brochures.”

Anna Ridges, Group Digital and Brand Manager, and her 11-year-old daughter (another of our consultants) said: “This project was a pleasure to work on from start to finish and the end result is fantastic! They are going down very well with our young audience and we now look forward to rolling them out to other regions.”

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