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Glowing compliments for conservation group’s flagship magazine

CPL has continued its close relationship with Fauna & Flora International (FFI) – the world’s oldest international wildlife conservation organisation – by designing and producing its flagship magazine, &FFI, for a third year running.

Founded in 1903 and based in Cambridge, FFI runs more than 140 projects in over 40 countries worldwide, with the aim of saving species from extinction and habitats from destruction.

The original brief from FFI was that its annual publication needed a new look and feel that would complement the insights and analysis that are part of its distinctive and unique approach to conservation. It needed to reflect FFI’s position as a “modern, credible and leading player in global conservation”.

Since 2019, the CPL team, spearheaded by Kevin Reed and Phil Minett, who lead on design and editorial respectively, have worked closely with FFI to build on that original vision for the publication.  

Tim Knight, communications specialist at FFI, and the magazine’s editor, said he had received “glowing” compliments about this year’s edition, which highlighted the planet’s last chance to tackle the climate and biodiversity crisis. 

In his foreword to the magazine, Tim said: “The project successes and the productive partnerships featured in this issue of &FFI are little short of remarkable given the Covid-imposed constraints under which we’ve been working. They act as a salutary reminder that the descent towards climate chaos and mass extinction is not inevitable.”

CPL and FFI are already discussing plans for the next edition of the magazine.

Take a look at the work CPL and FFI carried out during both 2019 and 2020 to create two bespoke, visually stunning magazines here

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