Brochure to showcase vision for life sciences

The client

Cambridge University Health Partners (CUHP) is one of eight Academic Health Science Centres in England,with a mission to improve healthcare by bringing together the NHS, industry and academia. 

Based at the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, alongside world-class hospitals and other leading medical and healthcare institutions, CUHP is helping to unite organisations  to deliver on Cambridge’s life science mission.

The challenge

CUHP needed a printed brochure that would engage an audience already relatively well informed within the life sciences area, while visually bringing together Cambridge’s scientific history and future.

The brochure was primarily intended for the visit of government ministers to Cambridge alongside other officials and special advisers (SPADS). It also served a secondary audience: senior leaders and managers within the life sciences organisations in Cambridge and partners and peers in other life sciences communities across the UK.

The solution

CPL was tasked with creating a printed brochure presenting a combined vision for Cambridge life sciences to key influencers and government officials.

The brochure outlined CUHP’s mission for the Cambridge life sciences strategy. CPL used striking imagery to create excitement and ambition of the potential for the life sciences sector.

A new visual identity was created for the brochure and pages were designed using infographics, graphics and other imagery to enhance the readability and visual appeal, telling a serious and complex story in an engaging way.

Sustainability was an important factor when considering the paper stock and techniques used. The brochure was also finished with a Singer-sewn binding to give it a sophisticated finish.

As part of the same project, CPL produced a PowerPoint editable version of the brochure alongside a set of PowerPoint templates. These can now be used by the CUHP teams to present information to stakeholders.

The results

The brochure

Copies were printed and delivered ready for use at future CUHP events.



Feedback has been positive, including from influential stakeholders from across the Cambridge cluster.


A polished set of presentation templates was also delivered to the client.

“Creating a design and a concept to demonstrate Cambridge life science is no easy thing as you strive to find the balance between clinical and research-based design. CPL managed to create a brochure and template to brilliantly walk this fine line. The design reinforces our mission to show how Cambridge is improving lives across the UK and the world. Everyone has been impressed by the greatly improved look of these materials and we look forward to working with CPL on future projects.”

Tony Taylorson, communications manager

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